Unites knowledge – Broadening sciences


Unites knowledge – Broadening sciences

This website offers the appropriate means and tools for the networking of students of the entire European continent and actively contributes to create collaborations in every scientific field, by reinforcing knowledge in order to evolve sciences.
UNICLEVER helps students who wish to organize scientific seminars, travel in other countries and meet other cultures and operations, exchange views and express their ideas in their favorite fields. Students will become professionals in the future by the academic fields they pursued. We at UNICLEVER are here to network you and your community We at UNICLEVER are here to network you and your community and offer you all the above features at the cheapest market prices.
Your subscription in the academic social network, is offered totally free of charge, as we support free expression of views and ideas, with respect always to the personality and privacy of each individual, as these practices lead to the European integration.
So, we welcome the student community to a social network different from the others!

What we offer for free

Beyond your field of study

Your future profession demand something more than seminar knowledge. We offer you the opportunity to develop and network beyond your field of study. You undertake responsibility for your task.

Networking all over Europe

Network with other colleagues from all over Europe and develop future collaborations beyond your knowledge. Discuss common topics that concern you, collaborate and meet. Start and create your own community page, Blog, Group, and Discussion Forum.

Unite your knowledge

Unite your knowledge and develop sciences over discussions, papers dissemination and work together as a team. Your country of origin does not matter but the goal is to succesufully achieve the purpose of personal and team work.

Organize events

Organize seminars, meetings and workshops as well as small remote conferences or retreats and present your projects and ideas. We will be happy to guide you in these practices and promote your innovations.


Subsidized trips

Earning points from activity within your community ensures significant discounts on all tickets within Europe. Get to know all of Europe by traveling on a budget.

Subsidized accommodation

Earning points from the activity within the community ensures you significant discounts in many accommodations within Europe offering you pleasant experiences.

Job Recruiting

Many talent hunting companies sift through your resumes and offer you important jobs all over Europe. Either doing your practical training or taking your first professional steps.